CEEGS 2015

Distributed Game Studies

came to an end

Keynote Speakers

Paweł Frelik


Paweł Frelik is Associate Professor in the Department of American Literature and Culture at Maria Curie-Skłodowska University, Lublin, Poland, the Director of the newly-established Video Game Research Center at  MCSU, and the Affiliated Faculty member in the American Studies Center, University of Warsaw. He has published widely on science fiction and its visualities, videogames, cross-media storytelling, and experimental literature, and serves on the editorial boards of Science Fiction Studies, Extrapolation, and Journal of Gaming and Virtual Worlds. He was the first President of the Science Fiction Research Association from outside North America and currently serves as Vice-President of the European Association for American Studies.


Piotr Iwanicki


Piotr Iwanicki is a polish game designer and developer. He’s responsible for producing SUPERHOT, an innovative first person shooter built around the idea of “time moves only when you do”. The project started as a 7 Day FPS jam project and with awesome following from the fans around the world is now after a successful Kickstarter and heading to the market. Piotr is a graduate of film knowledge and new media studies at Universytet Łódzki and is keenly interested in applying academic game research ideas in practical game development.


Kristine Jørgensen


Kristine Jørgensen researches games, players and the relationship between them. She received her PhD in media studies from University of Copenhagen in 2007 on a thesis on how players understand game sound. She is the author of A Comprehensive Study of Sound in Computer Games (Mellen Press 2009) and Gameworld Interfaces (MIT Press 2013). As of 2015, Jørgensen leads the research project Games and Transgressive Aesthetics at University of Bergen.


Frans Mäyrä


Frans Mäyrä, PhD, is the Professor of Information Studies and Interactive Media, with specialization in digital culture and game studies in the University of Tampere, Finland. He is heading the University of Tampere Game Research Lab, and has taught and studied digital culture and games from the early 1990s. He is widely consulted as an expert in socio-cultural issues relating to games, play and playfulness. His research interests range from game cultures, meaning making through playful interaction and online social play, to borderlines, identity, as well as transmedial fantasy and science fiction.